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Music overview

Christmas, Year A

25 December 2022


  • As One Voice 12, and The Next Generation—AOV1, AOV2, AOVNG
  • Catholic Worship Book and Catholic Worship Book II—CWB, CWBII
  • Gather (3rd edition)—G
  • Gather Australia—GA
  • Psalms for Feasts and Seasons—PFS
  • Digital download—DD
  • Selected collection—SC

Christmas Mass settings

Some suggested settings are:

  • Mass of Creation (Haugen)—AOV1 196 (3rd edn), CWBII 69 a, b, c, 74, G 192–204, DD (GIA)
  • Mass Shalom (Smith, rev. Mason)—AOV1 195 (revised 3rd edn only), CWBII 27, DD (Liturgical Song)

Both of these Mass settings are intergenerational and well known, so will cater to the range of people present at Christmas services.

Suggested psalm collections

  • Catholic Worship Book 1
  • Gather Australia
  • Gather (3rd Edition)
  • Marist Music Free Digital Download—DD (Marist Music)
  • Praise the Lord My Soul (Connolly)—DD (Willow Publishing, Australia)
  • Psallite: Sacred Song for Liturgy and Life—DD (Liturgical Press, Collegeville)
  • Psalms for All Time (Paul Mason)—DD (Liturgical Song, Australia)
  • Psalms for Feasts and Seasons (Willcock)—SC (Collins Dove)
  • Psalms for the Church’s Year (Heagney)—SC (Liturgical Song, Australia)
  • Psalms for the Sundays of Year A (O’Brien)—SC (self-published in Brighton, SA)
  • Responsorial Psalms: Year A (Smith)—SC (Willow Publishing, Australia)
  • Sing the Responsorial Psalms (McKenna)—SC (Willow Publishing, Australia)
  • The Lyric Psalter: Year A (Alonso/Haugen)—SC (GIA Publishing, Chicago)

Suggested Gospel acclamations 

  • Advent Alleluia—CWBII 42
  • Celtic Alleluia—AOV1 13, CWBII 48, GA 141
  • Hallel Alleluia—CWBII 49
  • Mass of Light Alleluia—CWBII 50
  • Mawby Alleluia—CWBII 51
  • Taizé Alleluia—CWBII 53

Use the verse appropriate to the day. It is useful to use one Gospel acclamation consistently throughout the season.

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